May 15th, 2009

there!, Hello

FREE! To Good Home, Bad Home, Indifferent Home, ANY Home . . .

Ah, moving. Some see it as a gateway to new experiences. I see it first, as a means of properly assessing exactly how much stuff we own but never actually use.

This list will undoubtedly spill into several posts as hntrpyanfar and I find more quality moichendise to pass on . . . Interested in anything? Drop me a line. "We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you!"

2 Window Air Conditioners -- one a beeeg clunker (A piece of functional 80s! nostalgia, though it is missing the side foils, alas); the second is smaller and with all parts

3 Window Fans -- Dual fans jobbies

1 Cast Iron, 2.25 Quart Tea Kettle

A Hanging Basket -- you know, for plants

A Stereo Cabinet -- glass front, on wheels

A Radio/turntable -- it works, but I don't use it anymore

A portable radio/boombox -- plug it in for home use or slap in a bunch of batteries to make it perfect for a trip to the Drive In (this model is too small to compete with Radio Raheem's megabox). It might even have batteries in it!

1 breadmaker
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