April 7th, 2009

there!, Hello

When I first met Doria, I hated her.

Today's subject line is a surprise of sorts. It comes from my very short story (the flash fiction piece "Ashes and Nails") which is appearing in the current online (and free-to-read!) issue of Alienskin Magazine.

And the story has curious little illustrations, too. Crescent moon shapes that partially obscure the text (though for good reason). This little feature is illustrative of an aspect of the story itself. I am tickled by this presentation decision!

In other publishing news, Rogue Blade Entertainment is moving forward with their heroic fantasy anthology Rage of the Behemoth. My story "Vasily and the Beast Gods" is one of the accepted pieces, and the antho has some great contributors. This particular story is certainly fueled by my love for things Russian . . .
There are several covers for the Rage book, several "limited edition" covers (each dedicated to one of the monsters/terrain types in the book) and one trade edition that incorporates all the limited ones. My story is one of the Ageless Mountains tales, so I nabbed this cover for posting, but they all look pretty great:
Rage of the Behemoth (Mountain Cover)

Rogue Blades Entertainment is also putting out a new edition of the Clash of Steel: Demons anthology, which includes a story by none other than hntrpyanfar! So, if you missed it in the first go around (from the now, unfortunately defunct Carnifex Press), you might give it a go in this new incarnation. It's not due out for a while, just yet (as they are soliciting stories to make it Even! Bigger!) but it looks pretty great!
Clash of Steel: Demons (cover)

Not long ago, I turned in the final proof pages for the Cinema Spec anthology (which includes my sf story "Bootleg Images"). It's coming along!
Cinema Spec Cover

As well, the Malpractice anthology from the kind folks at Necrotic Tissue has been published (and reviewed in quite a few places). To my dismay the scene breaks in my story have been excised, making the piece a bit difficult to just rush through. 100 words long, three scenes, a tad challenging to the reader. However, the book remains a nice and creepy read. Here's the cover to that one:
Malpractice Anthology