March 14th, 2009


My Heart Has Joined A Thousand...

I just read in princeofcairo's journal that Keith Herber died this morning. While perhaps not as widely known for his work in the gaming field as, say, Gary Gygax, his body of work has nevertheless proven an important addition.

From his world shaking Call of Cthulhu campaigns (including: The Fungi from Yuggoth, Trail of Tsthoggua, and The Spawn of Azathoth), to his detailed Lovecraft Country sourcebooks (Arkham and Dunwich and Innsmouth, oh my!), to the original Clanbook: Tremere (one of my all time favorite supplements for Vampire: the Masquerade), to his recent work as part of the Miskatonic Rivers Press . . .

He was a pretty swell writer, an imaginative fellow, and responsible for thousands of character deaths over the years . . .

Mr. Herber, you will be missed.
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