January 27th, 2009

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Scientific Conclusion: All You Nerd-Boys Need To Stop Playing Yer Video Games and Git a Life!

In my news feeds, I came across an article citing the results from a Brigham Young University "study" of college student video gaming (in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence). Out of 813 sampled sampled people (500 girls and 313 boys), the findings are shocking. SHOCKING I SAY!


Specifically, regardless of gender, video game use was
linked to greater drug use, drinking behaviors, and lower
relationship quality with friends and parents, while violent
video game use was associated with more sexual partners
and lower relationship quality with friends and parents.
Furthermore, violent video game use by men was linked to
more drinking behaviors. For women, video game use was
associated with lower self-worth, and both video games
and violent video games were associated with lower perceived
social acceptance.
While the correlational nature of our data precludes
causal inferences, these findings do suggest that video
game use may be a possible risk factor for emerging adult
development. Much of the work on video game use has
focused on such things as fear and aggression (see
Anderson and Dill 2000), with critics of video games
pointing out that some violent games have been so
effective in reducing inhibitions for killing that the military
has employed their use as training tools (Grossman
and DeGaetano 1999). While the implications of video
game use on fear and aggression are of importance, our
findings add to an emerging literature suggesting a need
for a broader and more developmental approach to the
study of video games. For example, the findings suggest
that the amount of time spent playing video games by
today’s young people is not a benign choice of how to
spend one’s time, but may have implications for the
development of emerging adults as they make the transition
into adulthood.

--From Padilla-Walker L, Jensen A, et al. "More Than a Just a Game: Video Game and Internet Use During Emerging Adulthood" J Youth Adolescence Jan 10, 2009.

Bad behavior, then, is attributable to video game play. Sloppy science says so! Murder is correlated to video game play, too! As is good soldiering, apparently.
there!, Hello

More Books Gathered

Yesterday's mail included:

-13) Descent into Midnight by Brian Cortijo. Final volume of the Second Darkness Adventure Path.

-14) S1: Clash of the Kingslayers by Leandra Christine Schneider. An adventure module for the Pathfinder RPG (aka DnD v3.5). This was also the winner of the 2008 RPG Superstar contest.

-15) Death in Delhi by Gary Gygax. Reprinted fiction.

-16) Reavers of Skaith by Leigh Brackett. Reprinted fiction from the Queen of the Pulps.

and at Barnes and Noble last night, I picked up

-17) them, by Joyce Carol Oates. The Modern Library edition of the third volume of Oates' Wonderland Quartet.