January 16th, 2009


A Book for the Read Stack

4) Dungeon Crawl Classics: Forges of the Mountain King by Harley Stroh. (2008, Goodman Games, 36 pages).
An adventure module for the Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition game, this module displays all the worst aspects of a rushed production. Grammatical errs, challenges that far exceed the First Level designation of the book (what are Level 9 monsters doing facing a Level 1 party?), a cobbled together mix of seemingly random bad guys, a map that does not offer enough room for placement of said cobbled together mix of bad guys, and more.

Sure the setting is nice and there are a few ideas in here worth plucking (the Trapmaster character is neat), the book itself rates quite poor on my useful scale. It will require some serious alterations to be worth its cover price.