January 15th, 2009

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Another Hard Case Crime Book for the Stack

I belong to two book clubs from mass market paperback producer Leisure Books. Of the two, I regularly keep only the Hard Case Crime books (even with shipping, the discount for the club nets me a cheaper price than is found at the bookstore). I will definitely be keeping this one.

-12) The Dead Man's Brother by Roger Zelazny.

Yes, this is the sf/f author Roger Zelazny writing a hardboiled thriller. A lost manuscript (dating from the seventies, around the time he was working on the My Name is Legion stories) that is finally being published. As a long time fan of Zelazny (Creatures of Light and Darkness is a many splendored work) I am quite interested in this book.

The other shipment that arrived includes my Horror Book Club selections (books from Brian Keene and Bryan Smith). I am still deciding if I actually want to keep these; my interest in horror is on the steady decline just now.