December 31st, 2008


Color Me Wowed

So, last year for December Holiday, ladyscience got me one of those Giant Grid calenders, the kind with no artwork and day-blanks large enough for copious quantities of notes. Well, silly me decided to keep track of my word outputs, adding up tallies for weeks, months and, now, the year.

I decided not to count anything I was not writing for publication (such as the vast quantities of materials I wrote for the weekly Deadlands games I Gamesmastered), but just about everything else (fiction, poetry, nonfiction articles/reviews) would be counted. Revisions were a tricky point, and I tended to exclude including them, barring a complete story rewrite.

As I'm done writing for today, I think it's safe to share the final tally: 646,707.

That's a lot of friggin' words.

I wonder if I should get another of these calendars for next year? Might be fun to see what happens over 2009.
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