December 21st, 2008

there!, Hello

Another Book Finished... Waaaay too much snow.

The forecast: More SNOW! Joy.

We ventured out yesterday and had a great visit with dontcallmemolly, cathartist and L. Lots of Fluxx, lots of lasagna, Love Actually, and plenty of laughs.

This morning, I finished another book:

67) Aliens: Steel Egg by John Shirley (272, Dark Horse Books, 2007).

I'm a sucker for Aliens related stuff, and this tie-in novel was a fun romp through that universe by punk author par excellence John (City Come A'Walking, Eclipse trilogy, Black Butterflies) Shirley. The plot follows the real first encounter with the titular xenomorphs (pre-Nostromo encounter as recounted in the first film) in an attempt to ID just how "The Company" knew about the critters and sent the Nostromo looking. The plot is as expected (humans encounter derelict ship with eggs, humans trigger eggs and get facehugged, humans get themselves killed pretty fast), with some nice universe building on Shirley's part (essentially pitting rival human factions against one another, as well as against the Aliens; in addition, he tries to develop the life cycle of those mysterious nasty Aliens a bit more, fitting them into biology a little better), and a couple of plot twists (including an as yet undeveloped race, the critters that built the derelict ship in the first film). A fun little b-movie for the brainpan with characters I loved to hate, characters I wanted to die, and maaaaybe a couple I wanted to live. :)