December 19th, 2008

there!, Hello

A Nice Night to Stay Home...

Snow has been falling pretty heavily for the last three hours or so. Nice levels of accumulation. While the weather folks were heralding this to be the next "Blizzard of '78!" it is not winter in Massachusetts without such a warning showing up at least five times (usually incorrect). Big snow today. :)

I spent yesterday writing ten supermicro fiction pieces. There's a site (called Thaumatrope) that pays a buck twenty for stories of 140 characters or less. Not words. CHARACTERS. It's an attempt to answer the question "What is twitter good for?" with a resounding "FICTION, THAT'S WHAT!" Though I have not used twitter up until this point, I decided whattheheck. I pumped out ten pieces (sf/f/horror) and sub'd them. Six hours later, I had seven acceptances. They will be appearing from April thru May, 2009.

I enjoy reading experimental fiction, and it does not come any more experimental than this. 140 characters (did I mention this includes spaces???) makes for some strange storytelling (and lends itself, for me anyway, to humor), and requires the writer to pretty much play with indirect details. Very strange, indeedy. Fun but tricky.

Still, I won't say no to seven acceptances. Nice way to start the morning.