December 1st, 2008

there!, Hello


No, not the Everlast song, this is a blog entry about a couple of finales, one good, one bad.

The Good:
Made my NaNoWriMo count (end total: 50,198), which is about the halfway point of the full book. So long as I keep my current momentum, I should have a completed draft of the book before the new year.

The Bad:
While I was no fan of his fiction, I do count horror author Joseph McGee among my circle of author friends. We shared a couple of dinners (mostly with the Horror Writers of New England group, though we did have 10 cent tacos at Jose Murphy's, too), sat at a table together at the Rock and Shock horror convention, and had some yucks at Context, out in Columbus. A generally fun and funny (if sometimes quiet) fellow. Imagine my surprise when I found out Joe passed away this weekend. Complications from diabetes. He was 23. The full obituary at the Worcester T&G can be found here.
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