November 7th, 2008

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Router, Shmouter

Ever have one of those nights? Where the computers are giving guff and the router just? is? not? working? That was my last night. Freaking network bee-ess. Made me grumpy, since we were trying to get T's new computer hooked up and download MMORPG stuff so she can use her trial membership. Everything aligned against the notion. However, in the end everything aligned and started working. I cannot say for certain just why or how it happened, but it did. Internet mojo appeased by pain sacrifice (I bent my thumbnail, last night, man did it hurt; don't ask how I did it, the story is much too embarassing)...

At least we got to watch an ep of Burn Notice, which as cathartist noted is a fun update on the A-Team style of show, with Bruce Campbell.

Home today, for the morning/afternoon, so I should get some good writing in today.


Back on track again with a good writing day on the book. The material is a lot heavier on the sexual aspects than I had been expecting. Surprising, yes, but it's still certainly keeping my attention.

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