November 4th, 2008

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Books for the List

So, it's been a while since I updated my Books Read list...

59) Kill Whitey by Brian Keene. (Cemetery 2008, Dance, 304 pages)
A supernatural crime blend with a rocketing plot that manages to take time to develop some great characters. A blue collar working man finds himself in trouble way over his head when a beautiful, erotic dancer enters his life, bringing her Russian mob "owners" against him. Hitchcock's infamous observation that "It is very, very, very difficult to kill a man," takes on whole new levels of meaning with the antagonist of this story... Starts seductively slow and then kicks into fast forward. Well done. A real review will be forthcoming.

60) Destinations Unknown by Gary Braunbeck (2006, Cemetery Dance, 206 pages).
A short novel and a pair of short stories (dark tales, all), thematically linked around the concept of travel/the road. The prose is typical Braunbeck (that is: showing enviable layers of craft and emotional authenticity). That I was reading this book while traveling made the contents even more chilling. A real review is in the pipeline.

61) Snuff by Chuck Palahniuck. (2008, Doubleday, 208 pages).
A porn star tries to make history by "doing" 600 dudes in a single (veeery long) day of shooting. The story centers not on her, but on three of the dudes waiting for their (money) shot, and a man-hating cock-corraller. Has the authenticity of a good urban legend, but the characters seem incapable of any real emotion other than self loathing. A real review is percolating.

62) Ghost Walk by Brian Keene. (2008, Leisure Books, 275 pages).
A supernatural tale set around the author's fictional Pennsylvania area of LeHorn's Hollow (from his previous novel, Dark Hollow). A handful of working class characters discover a supernatural threat to the world centering around the construction of a Hallowe'en attraction (the titular walk through spooky woods). A fun, autumnal tale perfect for Hallowe'en (which, as Ministry tells us, is every day; particularly for horror buffs). A real review will be up soon.

63) The Reaper by Jospeh McGee (2008, Snuff Books, 140 pages).
A thankfully short book containing a novella in two parts (centering on the titular figure of menace) and a trio of short stories thematically linked by... Well, death. The ideas have the potential to be interesting, but the prose itself is memorable for all the wrong reasons. A real review will come eventually.

Currently reading Gun Work by David J. Schow.


I had high hopes for the book's word count yesterday, and while it is certainly serviceable, it's not up to where I want it to be. A shame, really.

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