August 19th, 2008

there!, Hello

The trail began with a pair of butchered children.

Yesterday's mail held something nice... My contributor copy of the print edition of Blazing! Adventures Magazine Issue 9!

Until now, B!AM has been a web only publication, but for Bouchercon they've released a print version. Will the trend continue? One can only hope so!

My contribution, "Unforgiving and Cruel: a Tale of the Samurai of Hell", marks the second published appearance of my samurai hero Haiyu. This time around, the samurai's path leads him into a mysterious marsh, on the trail of the monster responsible for this post's subject line. There, he encounters a strange woman and plenty of adventure...

This book also features a delightful list of contributors, including Hard Case Crime editor and hardboiled author Charles Ardai. Pretty cool!