July 22nd, 2008

there!, Hello

The Dark Knight

Saw The Dark Knight last Friday, and I thought it was an exceptional film. The acting was dynamite, there were several three dimensional characters (including, shock and awe, a female character who actually had something to do!), a nicely written, long script that was packed to the gills but did not feel terribly bloated to me (very much in the Akira Kurosawa style, actually), the film was not afraid to venture into the dark and yet did not feel like bad poetry. Great qualities.

Seeing a good half of the film spent in daylight hours was a nice touch, too. Gotham gets this much sunlight??? Yepper do.

There were a few pieces of dialog (mostly ruminations upon the essential goodness of people, which were best shown through the actions/inactions of actual characters rather than Batman or Gordon opening their yaps) that were eye roll inducing execrable, but they were blissfully short.

Further, I loved many of the directorial choices. For example, Nolan's choice that clean and clear images vanish into a visual chaos of color changes and motion and sound when the reins of civilization give way to that primal, chaotic violence. Every fight I've personally been in has been both a physical and emotional aspect. For me, this shifts to the purely emotional punctuated by moments of lucid activity upon long term reflection. Violence is fast, it is often nonsensical, as opposed to the clean "bloodless" tactical maneuverings of many war pictures. Do we need to see precisely what is going on to know what is going on? I believe The Dark Knight's direction/editing pays us the compliment of allowing us to fill in the blanks. Nice.

In other news: Saw the Watchmen trailer. Looks pretty, but I'm ultimately not interested. I've seen this particular story already told (as a book), and from the trailer the movie offers nothing new or particularly noteworthy. Meh.