July 10th, 2008

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Ruling the WORLD!

So, as predicted, my productivity hit the fan yesterday when I picked up Civilization Revolution for the XBox 360. For those not in the know, the capsule description of Civilization runs something like this: Civilization (aka Civ) is a strategy type game where the player starts with one of several societies (Rome, Russia, Egypt, Aztecs, Japan, China, etc.), progressing from dawn of time primitivism to a bold future through wars, cultural advances, technology/science, etc. You are not alone on this world, and end up dealing with the other cultures around you through negotiation, trade, or outright war.

The Xbox 360 version is pretty fun. Some nice animation, and plenty of parental warnings for stupid things (wine and tobacco are trade goods, so there are parental warnings about drug use? Whatever...). While quite a few things are simplified (there are just not enough buttons to do eeeeverything that a Mac/PC can), I had an absolute ball playing.

To my surprise and delight, my first game (played on the super easy level of Chieftain, so I could get used to the controller and changes from Mac to console) actually ended at a decent hour. Yes, ended.

I founded six Russian cities, culturally converted three Arabian cities, developed Nuclear Power in 1920 (and the game's only nuclear weapon shortly afterward), named a trio of seas, built and sent a spaceship to Alpha Centauri, ultimately constructed The United Nations for a Cultural Victory... I declared war on no one (blasted Democracy!!!), had war declared on me no less than seven times but staved off the attacks. I even received gifts of dancing bears! I loved to watch the silly things fumble and twirl in their little costumes in the Russian Trophy Room. Hee hee hee!

I expected to be hit hard by the gaming bug (actually scheduling myself five days off of everything to play-play-play); yet, I don't feel bitten quite that bad. Oh, I'm eager to play again, but maybe not today... Depends on how much work I get done this morning.
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