June 23rd, 2008

there!, Hello

Would You Believe...?

A fun Friday nite spent celebrating ddrpolaris's birthday.

Saturday, T and I (and Moses) went to see Get Smart. Funny and, well, smart! A real treat of a flick. No knowledge of the old TV show is needed, but there are plenty of gags for those in the know.

T and I also watched one of our Criterion Collection movies, Kirk Douglass starring in Billy Wilder's incredibly dark Ace in the Hole. Released in 1951, Ace in the Hole recounts a failed Big City reporter (he's been fired from papers in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and more) sucking up to take a lousy job in Albuquerque, and then floundering for a while until the makings for a big story falls in his lap: a small time Indian Pottery hunter gets caught in a cave in while on site (in a cliff dwelling Amerind ruin). Well, if the guy can be kept in that hole for a week, Kirk Douglass' character (Chuck Tatum) feels he can get enough of a "human interest story" to tickle the majors into calling on him again. What follows is plenty of shuck, plenty of jive, and a punch straight to the gut as the trapped man (who really should have been freed after only 16 hours of work) becomes the focus for a veritable (and literal) carnival of media and public attention. It's a brutal movie that has lost none of its teeth in the past fifty seven years.
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