May 30th, 2008

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Boy Do My Teeth Feel Clean...

It's a surprising thing that I've come to enjoy my trips to the dentist. It's taken quite a few years to find hygienists and dentists with a sense of humor and good service. It'll be a shame when we have to move... ::grumble grumble:: Well, my mouth is a boring one, alas. Although the dentist who came in to take a look at my X-rays (Digital images, now. No more film. Less exposure time, better resolution, all around improvement.) said, "Your teeth are great. We'll have to take a couple."

"Huh?!?" sez I.

"You've got too many good teeth," the dentist said with a grin, "We should pull some."

To which, I shared my Dad's favorite teeth related joke: "Your teeth are beautiful, but those gums have got to go!"

We all had a pretty good chuckle.


So, gaming went well last night. I kept suspense pretty high (over two parallel storylines), with minimal prep time (mostly spent revising my final act follow-up to give the "I'm vant to game alone!" player something to do) since one of the players arrived almost two hours early. High on atmosphere, and plenty of literary references (more than I usually incorporate, I suppose). I cannot express the joy of watching players squirm out the corner of my eye. And with all the heavy duty spookiness going on in game...

I had no nightmares last night.

"Babies don't sleep this good."

Of course, I ended up getting well under seven hours, but they were a nightmare free seven... The stress dreams end in time for the actual stress to arrive. Interesting.
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Because Someone Has to Take a Stand...

ajmenden's Friday Writer's Coffee Break is a feature where a topic for discussion comes up. This week, it's "Should books get ratings like movies and video games?"

My response in short: absolutely not.

Only a few of the other expressed opinions drive me to a rage beyond sense, but I did not offer replies to them. Life is too short to try and correct all the errs on the internet.

Feel free to drop by and add your own comments... The one stipulation is that:

"Just remember, everyone, to play nice."
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