May 29th, 2008

there!, Hello

Ups and Downs

So, spent a good part of yesterday painting trim at the Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity project house, a few miles away. There is something quite equilibrating about manual labor. I felt quite nice after doing that and then going home and cleaning the kitchen floor. Of course, capping things off with some quality Indian food did not hurt things, either. :)

Fewer nightmares, last night. Only a handful. This morning, I did not wake a sweaty, exhausted, irritable mess.

Today, I find myself in a little better frame of mind than yesterday. Not quite so bleak (news that will probably raise the spirits of my Deadlands game group, since they have to put up with me tonight).

Tomorrow begins with a dentist appointment (at 8:45) and ends with my parents showing up for the long weekend.

In other news, this picture post from William Gibson tickled my heart today. Two authors I love from veeeery different genres (Gibson and Joe R. Lansdale) are honored guests at the same Lit conference (in Roma!).
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