April 18th, 2008

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On Momentum and Gaming...

So, nihilistic_kid recently posted a rant aimed at the folks who whine that writers cannot make a living writing short fiction anymore, and he hits many points that I absolutely agree with. Not the least of these is the simple fact that I just don't write enough. So, I've been developing some strategies (yeah, yeah; one easy way to avoid work is to make lists of things you should be doing and then not actually do anything on the lists), and simultaneously picking up the pace on the writing gig (minimum of 1200 words everyday except for Thursdays). We'll see if this productivity momentum carries through the long weekend.

Long weekend?

Monday is a holiday for Umass. What holiday, you ask? Why Patriot's Day, of course! Ostensibly, it commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the start of the American Revolution, but these days it marks a whole different sort of battle... Monday is the Boston Marathon and a traditional Home Play day for the Sox, so let's make it a day off. Not that I'm complaining! A day off, is a day off whatever you want to call it... Here's to hoping my writing doesn't hit the snooze bar.

So last night was Deadlands, session two of the final Big Adventure in my "City o' Gloom Adventure Path" (Session 32 of the campaign) and it's really building to John Williams finish (that BIG SOUND finale). All the stuff that has been left untouched or unresolved is coming home to roost, and the threads of things are coming together quite nicely. Best of all, this is happening without causing my players to feel overwhelmed to frustration! Not so easy a trick as it might appear. This of course leads me on to random speculations about gaming and game prep and other divers topics.

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And in other completely unrelated news: an online interview reveals that rdansky has got just the keeeee-utest baby face (since he misplaced the peachfuzz I last recall seeing him sport)!