February 25th, 2008

there!, Hello

A Book Finished, Plenty More Read, Another Review Posted, and How Busy Am I?

So, my review for Infernal Device has been posted to Horror Reader.com.

While I should probably be reading yet another book for Horror Reader, I've actually been wading through some Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game products. So, between browsing various pages of various books, the only one I've read cover to cover by this point is:

17) Dungeon Crawl Classics #39: The Ruins of Castle Churlo by Alex Anderegg.
A sixteen page adventure accompanying the version 3.5 Dungeon Master screens (two four panel screens, in fact, with quite a bit of detail) from the folks at Goodman Games. The adventure is a typical one for first levelers -- characters venture into the titular location to recover some stolen holy relics, a MacGuffin quest if ever there was one -- but it offers some rather nice creative jumping points for intrigue. It'll probably find its way into the first adventure I run for my latest adventure path (a series of one off games with nightskyre and anitra), though before I use it I've got plenty of things to flesh out/revise/change all together. It's not that the module is bad, it's just not all that interesting to me as the gamer I am today. To be certain there are quite a few fun little encounters with Magic Gone Awry, but the story is particularly weak. Thus, I'll strip it off, and rewrite my own, fitting the adventure much more intrinsically into something more interesting. Probably oust the bad guys, apply a liberal dose of motivation, and incorporate the dungeon into some larger storyline (instead of making it the be all end all, noting is less entertaining for me to run than a dungeon crawl for the sake of dungeon crawling). No harm, no foul...

Over the weekend, I also got a fun new gadget. For our anniversary, hntrpyanfar got me software and hardware to catalog our movies, books and music. Of course the blasted key reference code they sent us to unlock the full software (instead of the 100 title test) turned out to be incorrect, necessitating the company creating a new one. Then, yesterday, T and I spent some quality time with our books, cataloging three shelves of books (over 200 titles) before she called it quits. While she played her Oblivion game, I entered our Criterion Collection DVDs. Lots of fun! I like me a good list.

As my dear was busy with her goilfriends on Saturday, we postponed the anniversary dinner until Sunday. We had steaks, and dessert cookies. These were good.

Saturday was pretty much a wash for me. I ended up playing quite a bit of the Gears of War game (which is alternately exhilarating and frustrating), and I'm now stuck on trying to defeat the last big bad boss. Spent far too long failing this before I decided to give up, and go read a book.

I plowed through Robert Heinlein's Revolt in 2100 collection, but don't feel right adding it to the list of books completed since it is the first half of a Baen double book (Methuselah's Children makes up the latter half). Other than that, I've been off and on reading The Unblemished for Horror Reader.

Another first for me: I'll be doing some panels at a con. At Lunacon, I'm slated for like four panels and a reading... Keeping busy!