January 7th, 2008

there!, Hello

A nice weekend...

Since I did not have a hang out in pajamas day through my holiday season breaks, I decided to have one this weekend. Saturday turned out to be the day. I showered (because I'm odd that way) and then got back into my pjs, and hung out all day in them. Wrote my wordage and played some video games (I've already beaten Conan, which Trista got me for the holiday for our Xbox 360, I had a lot of fun with it. The thing has a nice feel for the Hyborian stylings. Currently, I'm working on Rainbow Six Vegas both in cooperative mode and single player. Mondo cool!), read and relaxed and otherwise let my batteries recharge.

Sunday we hung out at shogunhb and shadowravyn (and evan712, though I must've been playing too much Rock Band because I didn't see him...)'s place for shogunhb's birthday. Fun! I also discovered that it is now a local rule that I must sing Faith No More's "Epic"...

Drinking Note: Birch Beer and Absolut Raspberri are not good when mixed. However, Absolut Raspberri and Green Tea Iced Tea aren't too bad.

Currently Reading: Now You Are One of Us, a decidedly odd Japanese horror novel by Asa Nonami(translated and released by the folks at Vertical, who brought Koji Suzuki's Ring series to America). So far, so odd (in an interesting way).

Currently Listening To: Soundtrack to Halloween III: Season of the Witch by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth (background noise for some C. C. Blake thriller fiction I've been writing).