January 4th, 2008

there!, Hello

So, the Holidays are over?

Well, 2007 was a nice year and the Robichaud whirlwind tour to and through Michigan was a nice one. For me, anyway. My parents are pretty laid back about things, so I had a chance to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while, and even went to see Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (which, I have to say, was delightful when it was not trying to recreate scenes/musical score/dialogue from previous films in either franchise; the Predatalien was neat to behold, particularly since it no longer required the facehugger parasite to lay embryos in people, it could do so on its own, utilizing women's wombs as gestating grounds for litters of chestbursters.... well... bellybursters; disgusting but still neat). The Browns and the Robichauds had a good dinner on the 25th, in the presence of Gramma Elias (my mom's mom) who always brings the non sequitur fun.

The flight out and back were mostly uneventful, and the white stuff (snow, that is) gave us a pass this year. The flight back to Massachusetts was delayed by fog, though.

For the new year, hntrpyanfar and I hung out with a bunch of great folks (nightskyre,anitra, ddrpolaris, shadowravyn, shogunhb, doompuppy, 21stcherryboy, and more!) My wife is quite adorable singing rock band (particularly when she did the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage", with which she was, ah, unfamiliar?) and I did a pretty good job with Faith No More's "Epic" and, later, with Smashing Pumpkins' "Cherub Rock", two songs I rather love...

Last night was session 21 in the Thursday night Deadlands campaign. Because of the three week hiatus, it feels sort of like the first episode of a "Season 2" of the game, save for the fact that I know the game is approximately two thirds done... As a gamer and a writer, I enjoy having a definite end to things in mind. Lets the action build toward something. Sure ends are somewhat sad, but that's a necessary sadness. Otherwise, the thing just collapses under its own weight. I play these things to have fun, not to get bored (though hntrpyanfar often jokes that I get bored as a games master after the fourth session or so... Hah, honey, hah.).
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there!, Hello

Whatdyawanna DO with yer year, Dark_Towhead?

So, what are my resolutions for the new year?
1) Get the finances under better control. Credit card debts to $4k or less. Last year was a pretty terrific year, in terms of coming to terms with my spending addicition. It's been a struggle, but we ended up the year in a relatively happy place, financially speaking...
2) Write 1000 words a day, minimum (preferably fiction). So far, so good. hntrpyanfar tells me that I should consider the banking method (that is, doing more than this and using that to cover tomorrow's words). Still debating, this. However, since January 1, I've written some 5500 (thanks to ladyscience, I have a word calendar, so I can avoid bombarding my lj with word counts, as I find this information relatively boring).
3) Complete my backlog reading list and come to a decision about www.HorrorReader.com. I've been waffling: should I keep the site going, or should I let it die the good death? Well, I have about 10 or so more books to read/review (and a couple of reviews still in the hopper), and then I need to decide...
4) Finish the Deadlands game.
5) Polish at least one of the novels I've got completed draft form. Get it circulating with agent/publishers. Short stories are nice (I've got 45 of the things either published or soon to be published). Gaming articles are nice. If I want to take this business seriously, though (and I do), then I need to start thinking a little larger.
6) Reach out and touch friends more. I'm a miserable long distance friend. I need to email/call my long distance friends at least once a month. These emails do not count toward my 1000 words a day.
7) Update my website. I mean, ugh. Clearly.
8) Help hntrpyanfar with her resolutions. Particularly the one about more whoopie.

That's it for me. I thought about putting one up about regularly updating this livejournal, but that's probably not gonna happen much. I dunno, maybe at least one post a month? I don't think that's out of the realm of possibility...
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