December 20th, 2007

there!, Hello


So, it looks like I'll be Games Mastering two PARANOIA adventures in the near future. One tonight, one Saturday...

As this game is an old love, that's pretty exciting. Of course, my familiarity with the newest edition (called PARANOIA XP until Microsoft reared their ugly heads) is not what my familiarity with P2E (PARANOIA Second Edition, that'd be). Bah. Alpha Complex is a state of mind. Heh.

For those not in the know: PARANOIA is a satiric roleplaying game of a dark future, wherein the populace of a sprawling subterranean citystate (called Alpha Complex), are continually on their guard against the insidious forces of the capital-E-enemy who seeks to eradicate society. Under the watchful eye of Friend Computer (a literal AI, and head of Alpha Complex; did I mention FC is quite insane?) our player characters are loyal (well, questionably so) Troubleshooters, who seek out trouble and... You get the picture. Trouble is defined as commie mutant traitors, that is someone with a secret society, someone with an unregistered mutant power, or someone performing traitorous deeds (which is pretty loosely defined so as to cover any acts performed against authority). Did I mention that every player character has a secret society, a mutant power (which may or may not be registered) and the desire to keep this info secret from everyone (hey, everyone wants to live)? Well, that's the case. So, the player characters perform missions to appear loyal to Friend Computer and Alpha Complex, while always guarding their own secrets, for fear of their own lives. And it's fun as all get out.

Stay alert!
Trust no one!
Keep your laser handy!

::hee hee::
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