August 21st, 2007

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While the Cat is Away...

So, hntrpyanfar has been gone to science conferences, again... You think she must enjoy it or something. Though she's closer this time (she's only in Boston after all), she's not commuting. She's staying in that city, and I'll see her this Thursday. Meanwhile, ladyscience is off with her motha and sista "down south", leaving me and the apartment. Finally, a chance to be alone! To clean, yes, clean! And write. And stay up too late.

Thanks to the many wonderful people keeping me company while Trista is out. Dinner and chit chat (and Chef!) has been wonderful.

Though I've valiantly struggled against getting back on the sauce, I am now firmly rooted in caffeine, again. Iced coffee is good, particularly on those mornings after I've been up too late. Reading and writing (but nothing horror, oddly enough) and otherwise being a silly kid at heart.

In good news, that grant I wrote earlier this year is being funded. Yepper do, kiddies, I'm a Principal Investigator for NIH SBIR (that's a small business research grant from the National Institutes of Health), which should pay me for the next six months, with hopes for a Phase 2 application giving me another year or so of salary and health insurance after that. Phew! So, all those hives actually netted me something useful. ::hah!::

In still more good news, a story of the sexy fantastique (the tale of a piano player and a cowboy caught in "Phooka Weather") I wrote has found a home... "Beautiful Strangers" (do you recall that one, mroctober?) will be appearing in an issue of the erotic 'zine Ruthie's Club... Sometime. :) More news as I receive it.

On the gaming front, after asking hntrpyanfar about her schooling, I've now begun to ponder a deadline for starting any new, long term games (as she rockets toward completion of her degree, I find myself in the difficult position of putting a near future deadline on things, as there's no guarantee we'll be staying in Worcester, much less MA when she's done). She's looking at January being the end, so October 1 is now my personal deadline for starting anything new (that'll give me a couple-few months to pursue a game, which is long enough). I think, for now, I'll concentrate on what I've already had going and try to finish things up by year's end. Deadlands, BESM/ODnD, possibly Call of Cthulhu. There's already more on my plate than I'll conceivably manage (what with the time I'm dedicating to writing fiction), but what's life without a little release/fun time? As of right now, DnD3.5: Savage Tides will not even begin (sorry elenuial). Nor Promethean, that generic supers game, the post apocalyptic RPG I've been kicking around, the Shadowrun campaign that had one story and nother, nor anything else. One shot adventures (or two shots, as I'm prone to make them) will still be considered, but long term campaigns? Nah. I am pondering a couple of one shot ideas for WPI's upcoming Gaming Weekend. However, we'll see what happens...

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