August 10th, 2007

there!, Hello

A New Horror Double Bill: Boys Night In and The Homecoming

No game last night. hntrpyanfar was on her lo-o-o-ong trip home, and shadowravyn had her wisdom teeth ganked. Sooooo, the boys (and ladyscience) got together, ate cheap but tasty pizzas, talked comics (which promptly scared ladyscience out of the kitchen), and then watched three (count em three) episodes of Deadwood. Though two of us had already seen them, we were there for ddrpolaris's cherry popping experience. And it was fun. Such meaty episodes!

So, one of hntrpyanfar's flights got canceled (all that "weather"), so she was stuck in Illinois for a long while on standby. However, she did manage to get back to our state last night, got a ride with her boss to Sutton, where I picked her up and delivered her home by 1:30-ish and found myself unable to sleep... So, she's home! Home! Home!

And as though in answer to that breeze that blasted my soul, the temperatures are downright cool, today. Hints of autumn? Joy...

Home! Home! Home!

-- DRR2
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