August 7th, 2007

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I Woke Feeling Autumnal Today...

hntrpyanfar is safe and sound and schmoozing with science folk in Colorado, and I've been on my own for the last couple of days. Haven't been getting as much done as I'd like, but I have not been wandering the apartment mewing pitifully for my Person to come back, either. :)

This morning, I woke feeling cold. Sometime during the predawn hours, a breeze had blown through my soul, and I woke with a longing for autumn. Longing? No, I was feeling autumn, the mythical autumn of Bradbury, a state of chill, with clear, blue late afternoon skies and the smell of leaves (perhaps burning or not) in my "mental" nostrils. Then, I did the commute to work, and felt the humid reminder that I am, yes indeedy, still a month an three quartas off. It's August and warm and muggy. Inside, however, I'm still feeling a Michigan October... The kind I swear I can recall from my childhood, whether or not it actually existed outside of the world of books and my own imagination.

In this state of mind, I dallied with the notion of reading Jim Moore's Hallowe'en release from Cemetery Dance (Harvest Moon) but decided against it (for better or worse, I'm still in the summer of lit-that's-good-for-me, and there's a long line of Horror Reader books for the "down" time -- none of which are Hallowe'en set books, alas). Instead, I picked up The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and discovered myself in the autumn setting of young Mick's prom party.

I adore these characters (particularly this feisty girl, Mick). They echo the unspoken (some might opine "Keep them to yourself, Mr. Robichaud." Thanks. I shall) portions of my soul... I'm sure that whatever this says about me is not at all complementary. Am I a lonely person? Why yes, sometimes. Aren't we all? Me, perhaps, more than most. :)
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