August 3rd, 2007

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Deadlands 6, Way Too Warm, Semicolons

So last night, the crew got together for meal and game, and it was (as always!) a blast. Events included: looking for a "ghost", freeing an ally from the lynch mob's noose (with the help of a cussin' Sheriff and some trigger happy members of the Saints' Army, the Nauvoo Legion), and spreading a nasty jump rope song among the children (so as to incise a rapscallion son-of-a-dog called "Slicer" Muldoon). We ended with both joy (the posse reunited) and tragedy (now that the Preacher Samuel is out of the pokey, the posse's medic is taken out of action by some spirit stealing manitous), and we are rocketing toward a the conclusion of story 2. The only bad part of the game was all the heat...

Ah, gaming in August in a third floor apartment with zero air conditioning. What a sweat inducing experience. Ugh. As ladyscience has so wisely noted: summer heat/humidity sucks. Spring and autumn are my friends; summer and winter are not.

I find myself using a hellovalot of semicolons, lately. Why is that? Not sure. I don't believe I'm doing this to show off... Am I consciously rebelling against Vonnegut's advice to avoid them like the plague? Hmph. Well, whatever the reason, I prefer the semicolon over the tried and true comma-and technique of connecting related independent clauses. I am strange (but we all knew this already).

-- DRR2