July 25th, 2007

there!, Hello

Post NECON creative surge

So, NECON was wonderful as usual. This is the forth consecutive year we've gone and it's my absolute favorite con. What's so good about it? Well, the people for one thing. A bunch of creative souls, hanging out to all hours of the morning, talking, drinking, watching movies (the short film Gandhi at Bat is AMAZING for all the right reasons), jabbering on panels, playing sports [minigolf (I'm sure you'll beat me next year, jeffstrand), darts, croque, softball]... It's far easier to state the reasons NECON is disappointing: there are no such reasons.

Far too many other great people to send shouts out to...

Every year, hntrpyanfar and I get to know more people. This time around, we tried to divide up time relatively equally and felt like we shortchanged just about everyone... Ugh.

And as with every year before this one, I've been hit with some kind of creativity radiation, where all I want to do is write. It's hit me even more this year (perhaps run off from being too close to one of redredrage's "Scared Straight Writing Talks", or drinking one too many of rdansky's staggering squirrels, or... Well, the reasons are bounded only by the number of waking hours and wonderful people at this three day con) than any year previously. I've got some projects lined up, and I'm tackling them with some impressive gusto. The trick is to keep this momentum going...

Speaking of which, three new reviews are posted at Horror Reader.com:
John Shirley's Living Shadows
Gary Braunbeck's Mr. Hands
Cormac McCarthy's Outer Dark

By the end of the week there should be two more up from Horror Reader's own lou_sytsma