July 13th, 2007

there!, Hello

Deadlands 4: Ends to Adventure Number One and NECON, CONtext

So last night, the posse managed to escape the insidious evil lurking in the Steel Sky overhead, as well as deal with the supernatural ur-horror, an enormous, part spider/part woman creature known as the Death Widow. Alas, going into the game, I was kinda tired, so my descriptions were not quite up to par, which only goes to show that I should get a better night's sleep before hand... The players' characters all had moments to shine, and the decisions they made led to some wonderful moments of horror -- the Real Horror stuff, the "If I'd of known..." moments of revelation that cast already finished actions in the darkest light possible. All told (even though I was tired), I had fun. Adventure number one, imaginatively titled "Little Boy Lost," has come to a close, paving the way for the second...
Next week, no game, hntrpyanfar and I are off to NECON.

NECON. Joy of joys, one of my favorite cons. In fact, it was to be the only con I planned on attending.

However, the money I've received for both my LabView consulting work (for Beth Israel Hospital in Baw-ston) and the story that's currently appearing in Spacesuits and Sixguns, will see me heading to Columbus, Ohio this September for CONtext (and, if they have some time, a visit with las and haceldama). Hopefully, Trista will be able to attend with me. If me saying pretty please doesn't work, then the identity of the Music Guest should convince her!

Back to work, back to work. Nothing more to read here...