June 22nd, 2007

there!, Hello

Deadlands Episode 1: Success. Trista's Pie, even better!

So, I have to say last night's game (I'm GameMastering Deadlands, the steampunk, western, horror, fantasy, roleplaying game) went quite nicely. Last week the group (three players, with a fourth anticipated for next week) made their characters, this week was adventure session numba 1. I've an excellent group of players (including hntrpyanfar, ddrpolaris, and doompuppy. Hopefully, next week will find shadowravyn joining us) and some delightful synchronicity (including a timely thunderstorm and a mysteriously closing door -- was it really only the wind?). The session was heavy on mood, setting and roleplaying. And over the course of the session, I believe we touched on just about every aspect of the Deadlands game mechanics (including combat, though the actual fightin' was deftly avoided through some nice roleplaying). I know I had a ton of fun, and it sounds like the others did, as well.

Of course, the game (for me, anyway) was a wee bit overshadowed by a fantastic pie that Trista (who I've taken to calling Cookie, at least on Thurday nights) made for the gang. Apricots, raspberries, a from-scratch crust... To die for. Certainly to game for. Yum. ::grin:: By the time game had wrapped up, and we'd said goodbye to everyone, there were two pieces left. By the time I went to bed, there was one, and, boy, did I had some mighty nightmares. This morning, I joked that Trista's pie has a similar effect on me that Joe R. Lansdale's wife's popcorn has on him.

For those wondering Popcorn? Pie? Nightmares? Joe Who? Huh? Please allow me to explain:

So, Joe R. Lansdale is an author from East Texas. Over the years, he's written sf, horror, mystery, suspense, western, crime, as well as plenty of blends of all of these. He's one of my top ten favorite contemporary authors and is, in fact, the only author I've actually dedicated a story to (that'd be my tale "Big Night for Daddy's Little Girl", which appeared in the Wee Small Hours webzine August 2005; to this day, I cannot read it aloud without doing my Lansdale impression). Anyway, way back in the beginning of his career, Mr. Lansdale wrote plenty of offbeat, laugh-out-loud funny, downright eerie yarns for magazines like Twilight Zone, TZ's pure fiction spin off magazine Night Cry, and plenty of others. Now, I became a fan well after these initial publications, discovering these stories through a couple of collections (particularly Best Seller's Guaranteed, a fantastic, if slender volume with one of the most delightfully poor choices of stock art for the cover I've ever seen; alas it's out of print, but the stories can be had among the fine contents of the more recently released High Cotton and Bumper Crop). Through Lansdale's story notes, he espoused the reason for his strange fiction. See, Karen Lansdale has a special way of making popcorn, and she'd whip up a big old batch of it; Lansdale would eat way too much, and end up having nightmares; when he woke up, he'd write them down, and they'd sell. When the bank account dropped a little low, Karen Lansdale would whip up another batch. This notion makes me grin like a damned fool (I envision the author, who I've had the pleasure of meeting a few times, holding his aching belly while his wife just smiles on, waiting for the stories to come; authors' spouses can be some crafty muses, sometimes).

Who knows, maybe Trista's pie will have a similar effect on my brain -- last night's nightmares will certainly make some nice stories; I can only hope my amateur talent will not muck them up too badly.

Too bad Trista brought that last slice of pie to work for her coworker... If this works, I'll have to ask her to make another one... :)

Hope everyone's weekend is wonderful.

-- Daniel Robichaud