December 21st, 2006

there!, Hello

Oh, Sexy Science, sometimes I miss thee. Oh, and happy holidays.

Here I am, in the final read through of my latest collaboration with Peter Grigg and Geoff Bove (current title: "A Feedback Controlled Dynamic Linear Actuator to Test Foot Withdrawal Thresholds in Rat") and I suddenly miss doing science that I can talk about at social mixers that non-science folks can understand/relate to. There's something sexy about saying: "My research has an eye of the creation of a garment that parents can will monitor infant breathing and stimulate their children in the case of an apnea. I'm doing my part to help rid the world of SIDS." It's far less sexy saying, "Well, the latest batch of research we've done has concluded that, among other things, injections of capsaicin do not cause hyperalgesia but do cause allodynia." Not that I want to go back working for two bosses (I like my current numba one boss quite well, thanks), but having research that made people say, "Hey, that's pretty cool" at places like NECON was a nice thing.

Here's a completely unrelated wish that everyone's holiday season is a good one (retroactively wished to all those who celebrated Chanukah).
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