December 8th, 2006

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Talk About Strangely Thrilling

So, of late I've been reading Shadowrun books and Zeitgeist by Bruce Sterling. In the mood for something a little different, I cracked open Signet's reprint of Death Instinct (by Bentley Little) last night and was dumbstruck by what I found on page one. Have you seen books where the first few pages are various reviews for the author's previous works? Well, head of page 1 I found a blurb from my review of Little's Dispatch, followed by a pseudonym I wasn't aware I had "". I grinned like an idiot for a while, ultimately found several parts of that review I might write differently (now), and interrupted Trista's Xbox time (Jade Empire is her latest Xbox passion) by saying, "My, my review. My Bentley Little review. It's been printed in. I've got a blurb. In a Bentley Little book. Page one!" After this demonstration of my strong communication skills, is anyone surprised that I'm a writer? She got the gist, however. Smiled warmly and congratulated me. Placated the hubby. And then went back to her game. She keeps me humble that one does. Thank goodness. Otherwise, my ego would inflate my head like some sort of dirigible and trade winds would carry me off to points west.
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