November 30th, 2006

there!, Hello

Quite Excited!

Going to a Concert!
Leaves Eyes (the Norwegian Black Metal lullaby band) is playing Worcester tomorrow night, and Jon, Trista and I are going! YAAAAAY! This time we're getting there when doors open so we don't miss any of their set (unlike the Rock and Shock Show two years ago...). Feeling pretty damn excited, to say the least.


On The Writing Front:
Well, the NaNoRiMo experiment has not turned out quite so well, this year. Ah well. Too many projects demanding my time (I was already enmeshed in one novel, and I thought I would experiment with splitting my time, to see how it feels to be Brian Keene, John Ringo, and those other hard working novelists that put out multiple novels a year). Alas, my dedication (and the time I have to dedicate) is apparently not yet up to the task of completing two novels in one month (short stories have been pretty much kicked aside, for the time being). Still, I've got a couple of great starts (both beyond the halfway points), and just because the month is over doesn't mean I'll stop writing them. The paranormal comedy novel idea I developed for NaNoRiMo, in particular, is striking a chord with me (I like the protagonist, she's spunky).


On the Roleplaying Game (playing) Front:
I'm trying to finish off a couple of games that I began running, that have otherwise been in limbo. DnD and Cthulhu. 12/16/2006 marks the start a new Shadowrun game (that I've been promising to run for about a year now), so I have to give finish reading a couple of books for it, and take time to write up the campaign outline. Will the full campaign be finished? Doubtful. After all, once Trista is done with her degree, we're gone from Worcester (and that's looking like possibly summer time, but it's science so who can say for sure), so the trick is to pull a Veronica Mars: that is, structure each adventure to further the overarching campaign plot (a television season's main thread) while simultaneously offering a complete story on its own. Not exactly an easy thing to do... But I'll give it my best. As the Japanese say, "GANBARE!", which literally translates as "You Will Do Your Best!" (a simultaneous cheer and demand).

Ruminations on Game Preparation:
It's certainly strange moving from novels/short stories work to preparing/writing gaming sessions. With the first, I have more levels of control. The second is not so much me telling a story as me preparing contingency plans to serve the story (as many as possible). Characters are developed pretty much the same way, but the actual plotting is much more free form, developing due to the direct interaction of the players. Those blasted players can certainly take it in odd directions, too (One imagines they actually enjoy doing so ::hee hee::).

For the non gamers who have bothered reading this far, perhaps it's easier to consider this like a film model:
I'm write a script on spec, its a story that incorporates a bunch of elements that I want to deal with, has a plot. The players are a bunch of producers who say, "Hey, What if we do this" and I have only a limited ability to say, "Nope, that won't work." When the elements are bad (a lousy group of players, or a lousy day throwing off the rhythm), it can be a hellish, agonizing experience. However, when things go right, roleplaying games develop thier own, strange, wonderful magic. Better than any movie ever filmed. Like theatre, its never quite the same experience twice (even running the same adventure multiple times is never the same experience).
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