September 13th, 2006

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The Business End of Life

Sheesh, I must be either the laziest or busiest person in the world, since I seem incapable of keeping a regular journal. Actually, I think this is a measure of my prioritizing.

New Sales:

My story "Eggshells" has been accepted for Carnifex Press' Revenant 2 anthology (along with some stellar others).

My story "Young Love (with Hacksaws)" has been accepted into the humorous horror anthology Until Somebody Loses an Eye.

I've got a "scifaiku" (aka a science fiction haiku) slated to appear in Scifaikuest magazine, due out next february from Sam's Dot publishing.

Fiction Updates
Sultry Shades of Christmas, featuring my story "Funny" has been released in paperback by the folks at Sultry Heat Publications. This is the feel good story about a man who gets laid off on Christmas Eve, who then has to decide whether to tell her about his situation (and ruin this, her favorite time of year) or to keep it secret (and thus lie to her). Add in a taste of the erotic, a crazy plan, and a few misunderstandings, and you've got "Funny". Not your typical 'feel good' holiday story. Order it now:

Well, after a rather loooong delay, it looks like Red Scream magazine will be getting going on a more regular schedule. The newest fiction editor has emailed me that my story has been pushed back, but it will be appearing. More on this soon. For the folks who were looking forward to reading my entry into the Hot-Hot-Hot erotic horror dentist story subgenre of extreme horror fiction, well it looks like this will be happening after all! Hooray!

C.C. Blake has been having a career boom with the folks at Man's Story 2, Vampires 2, and Androids 2. He's got six high action/pulp fiction stories slated for print appearances soon (a couple of which have been released). No longer a mere freelancer, he's getting requests for stories from the lovely publishers. Not "big thinks" but fun nevertheless.
Check out Blake's website (which I'm assured will be updated SOON!) at:
Man's Story 2 is found here:
Androids 2 is found here:
Vampires 2 is found here:

Speaking of Website Updates: has been seeing some downtime lately. But not for long.
This week, I begin the beeg push to get Horror Reader relaunched. Why me? Why I own it now! Johnathon Williams (former owner/editor in chief) is starting grad school and has a new addition to the family (congrats!), so I have been given the keys to the Horror-Reader-dot-com kingdom. What's up for the near future? Well, reviews and news and podcasts (oh my). And it looks like we'll be a paying site. Not much to begin with, but it's a start in the right direction. I'll make a whole new announcement about this, soon. Wish us luck, eh? And check out the site!

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