June 21st, 2006

there!, Hello

Happy First Day of Summer!

I'm shedding skin like a cobra. Well, not quite. But my skin is certainly peeling.

Over the weekend, I participated in a caravan of cars to Rhode Island (specifically to Mahtunuk Beach). We ventured that way for ladyscience's birthday party. I thought I was prepared, but by the end of the day, boy was my face red. And my arms. And my shoulders.

Yep, I was a victim of Not Enough Sunblock.

I thought I would stay under the tarp--folks who know me, know how much I dislike being outdoors--but little did I realize how easily I would succumb to the lure of the frisbee, the whiffle baseball, the game of catch (tennis balls and velcro pads!). Long story short, my skin was the color of a boiled lobster and it has been a pain to sleep (forget about rolling over). However, I should have a little bit of tannish color for NECON. :)
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