May 18th, 2006

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World Horror Con (part 3) fixed up

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've gone through and revised this entry, added a lot of new material and photos, so it's practically new. Also, if anyone is curious, I've gone back to the previous two parts and spliced in photos, so feel free to revisit those and check out the pics.

So, I woke up after very little real sleep. But I was jazzed and ready to go. I packed up everything, did the morning ritual, ate a breakfast--more sausages and tea at the restaraunt--and stopped by the registration desk to see if my volunteering was needed. I'd sort of figured on doing that in the morning afternoon, so I didn't have any panels scheduled. When they told me they didn't need me to do anything but watch for folks who weren't wearing badges, I was at a loss for what to do.

Counting Flowers on the Wall, That Don't Bother Me at AllCollapse )

Golden and Moore Bleed OzCollapse )

Panel, InterruptedCollapse )

The Lure of LatexCollapse )

The Future Of Horror Cinema Looks Pretty BarrenCollapse )

Dinner and a ReadingCollapse )

Gross Out Contest and Party Until DawnCollapse )

Adios, San FranciscoCollapse )
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