May 3rd, 2006

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May Update

Life has been pretty hectic but also a lot of fun. Today I actually find time to blog. We'll see when the next blog opp shows up. :)

I've recently gotten an acceptance for one of my stories. The fine folks at Forgotten Worlds (a print magazine from the UK, issue 1 is either coming out or just came out...) have accepted my 1800 word story "Of All the Things I've Lost..." for their May issue. This is one of those odd stories that I cannot easily classify genre-wise. I suppose the closest would be dark, contemporary fantasy. Thank you Forgotten Worlds!

Otherwise, what have I been up to? Well, I completed edits on a high fantasy novella (30,000 words) and sent it off. I'm currently mired in revisions on a 20,000 word urban horror novella that I wrote some years ago. On top of this, I've got a couple of novel projects on the fire. Do I have time to work on short fiction anymore? Well, not really... Which is why my hope to have something for Adam Nakama's Wedgefic never panned out. These big projects have really been devouring my writing time. Note to Adam: if you'd still like a piece of my fiction, I can get something to you by the end of the week...

Besides the writing gig, what have I been up to? Reading (of course) and watching occasional DVDs. For the past several weeks, Trista and I have gone to the pictures on Tuesdays. We've seen a great film (Thank You for Smoking), a lackluster film (Basic Instinct 2 which wasn't as bad as everyone's been saying, it just wasn't very interesting, alas) and others in the middle (I rather enjoyed Silent Hill). This week, we did not see anything that really sparked our interest, so we did not go. Instead, we stayed home, drank some wine (all right, a lot of wine) and watched the live action movie Aeon Flux (yes, I bought it on DVD. Naysayers need not apply, I enjoy the flick, let's move on). One thing I can attest to: Yellow Tail wine is goooood stuff. :) I was happily tipsy last night. If you have not tried this Australian brand, I recommend the purple label variety, which is a Shiraz-Cabernet blend. Yummy.

For a long while, I was having serious battles with depression. Now, I seem to be on top of it.

Next week will find me vamoosing to San Francisco for the World Horror Con. If you're in the area, feel free to say hello and chit-chat. I won't bite. Well, I won't leave marks. :)

Now begins the Daniel Robichaud Travel Season... California for WHC next week. A trip to Maine for the HWANE get together later this month. An Oregon wedding in June. NECON in July. A Michigan wedding in August. The New England Crimebake in November. And somehow I will fit writing time into all of these trips. :)
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