February 23rd, 2006

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Happy Anniversary, Trista!

Well, today is the official five year anniversary of Daniel and Trista's marriage (should I dare call it a civil union?). Tonight's forecast includes snow flurries.

Five years ago, we celebrated our happy coming together to the sounds of metal detectors, and actually renewed our vows on the day we first took them (darn those relatives for getting caught up in the metal detectors and missing all the good stuff!).

Five years ago, my mother in law looked absolutely in shock at the horrible sight of her darling daughter happily marrying an avowed atheist. Time has soothed many things.

With all my love, Trista, I’m looking forward to the next five, and the five after that, and et cetera.


Saturday was a fun day. We went to Boskone, an sf/f/h con in Boston. Saw some panels (if my Mother in Law had a better sense of humor and a less conservative outlook on life, she would be Esther Friesner -- those two already look damned similar...), heard Dan Keohane's reading, and otherwise made merry in the Bean Town. That evening, we attended the HWANE dinner meeting and had an absolute ball. Shout out to Mike, Stephen, Joy, Loren and Joy's friend (Erin?) for sitting at the Horror Kid's Table in the back of the bar with us. We had plenty of fun... More shout outs to John, Tracey and everyone else of the HWANE. You all make the writerly life a little more fun.


No fiction acceptances, and the only rejection I've seen in the last couple of weeks was from Harper's magazine... Well, I suppose that's good news. I've got stories circulating, and I'm eagerly awaiting responses. The writing game, she is not for instant gratification.


Have I mentioned Trista's acknowledgement in Christa Faust's new novel? This came out a month ago, but in Friday the 13th: The Jason Strain, Christa refers to Trista as one of the Unholy Trinity of the novel, and furthermore, calls her the goddess of microbiology!

I have yet to read the novel, but for that alone, I want to buy a dozen copies. :)


Florida Horror is coming out in the near future. This is the Carnifex Press anthology (retail price $12.95, I believe), which features my short story "Weathering the Storm". If you're interested in obtaining a copy, more news to follow!

Or you can check out the publisher's website at: http://carnifexpress.net/welcome.php
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