February 2nd, 2006

there!, Hello


Well, whether or not I'm a pro (it's debateable, after all), I had a lot of fun speaking to the crowd last night. We talked about all things writing, mostly about short fiction (since that's my area of quasi-expertise) and I ended up reading "Big Night for Daddy's Little Girl". I had a ton of fun, and the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves, too. They came and they went, but the average size was about 20 or so (and one stray jacket, which became the butt of several off color asides). I gave out the Only Writing Advice That Matters (Ass To Chair) as well as tried to warn folks off from Writing To Genre (since that hobbles creativity with trope bondage). Thank you everyone for coming and having some great questions. Thanks to Adam for inviting me.

After we got home, I was wired. I finished reading Koontz's The Bad Place to Trista, and we started into some more Howard (specifically, "The People of the Black Circle" from The Bloody Crown of Conan).

So, I've got some fiction brewing (a Wee Small Hours story, that might not be horror-ific enough and a Revenant 2 story that also might not be horror-ific enough) and plenty more on the waiting line... Tonight I plan on nailing some reviews so that I can post them on the morrow. Life is busy, ain't it?
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