January 19th, 2006

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A New Year, Congrats, and Some Promising Events

After much silence, I'm back again. I don't plan on blogging every day, and I don't plan on writing the huge messages I used to, but I can spare a little time to keep this little journal alive with Dan Facts.

Let's see: Trista and I spent Yule in Michigan, and New Years in Worcester. NYE we saw Jon's band Lucky Parker play at Ralphs. Good turn out, good tunes, good time. I still say Country is not my preferred flavor, but I'm no longer knee jerking revulsed by the notion.

There's some good news out there: got my first acceptance of the year just last week. My story "Making Time" a 6000 word superhero story which poses the question 'are you making enough time for yourself?' to a frazzled, overly responsible superheroic teacher lady. The story was cowritten with my Michigan buddy Robert Glencer and it will appear in the electronic and print anthology Justice Wears a Dress coming out from RAGEmachine Books.

Mega-Congratulations go out to my good friend C.C. Blake. His men's action/adventure/pulp fiction story "Chuck Cave and the Vanishing Vixen" has taken the Story of the Year title from Man's Story 2. His tale is available on MS2's website, and will soon be in the print version of the magazine. Good show, Mr. Blake! He's tells me he has a couple of other stories making the rounds at Man's Story 2 and their sister publication, Vampires 2 (one of which is another Chuck Cave adventure!) and has more in the hopper. "Keep them coming!" sez I.

The Story is Here: http://www.mansstory2.com/FA_Area/FA_Web_Pages/FA_Vanishing_Vixen.htm
The Author's Website is Here: http://home.earthlink.net/~dtrobichaud2/ccblake/

Kudos also go out to my darling Trista, for giving a great departmental seminar, handling her thesis committee, and also finding the time to write a fantasy short story that's been picked up by Carnifex Press for their Clash of Steel: Demon anthology! You rock!

Well, I've been subbing and gathering rejection slips and whatnot.

Did I ever blog the acceptance I got from Aberrant Dreams? This actually happened last year... :) Well, one of my horror shorts, a piece called "Chillun Got Shoes" is slated to appear in an upcoming iss. Either the April or July 2006 issue, the editor tells me. I am pleased as punch about this!

Well, I still have plenty of projects in the hopper, and this year's resolution is to sell something longer. Maybe a novella, maybe a novel. As well as (at least) 10 short stories. Will I do it? Let's find out.
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