December 6th, 2005

there!, Hello


So, life of late has been filled with more and more surprises.

Like the short novel I wrote last month. I originally started out writing an expansionof my "Dead Man's Eyes" fantasy story, and though I broke down the NANOWRIMO 50k word output into 5 sections (10k words each), I never got past section 1. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I was finished with section 1 (The Conquerer) and had (SURPRISE!) 50,001 words. Is it any good? Nope. Right now it's a pile of crap, but it is crap with potential. Now, whether that potential is to be continued into a 200,000 word novel (egads, a brick-novel. And a high fantasy brick-novel at that) or to be ripped into several better short stories is the question. I had to stop on that project, however, because of a looming deadline. Pair of them actually.

So, I dug out my notebook and scribbled out stories for the new Carnifex Press epic fantasy chapbook: Clash of Steel: Demon. The story had a couple of false starts, but really got rolling. Then, I typed it out and realized that the first half was a piece of offal, while the second half was not bad. A lot of cleaning up later, and whammo. A 4900 word submission. Will it make the final cut? Good question. But I enjoy the piece (now).

I also found the time to crank out another Wee Small Hours submission, a novel proposal to Black Flame, a yaoi series proposal (shot down, but they requested I try them again with something shorter). Right now, I'm working on a dark war story for From the Trenches, a chapbook antho from Carnifex Press.

So, who are these Carnifex Press guys? Well, they're a small publisher, and I like them alot. I liked them before they accepted my "Weathering the Storm" for their Florida Horror anthology(due out next year). They put out affordable (extra points for this), nice chapbooks, novellas and anthologies of horror and epic fantasy fiction. They've also got a nice, new website:

Hey, when was the last time you saw a small press offer books for 6 bucks?

So, this morning, I opened my email box to find a couple of writing related emails:
A rejection slip. Very nicely worded and friendly. For a story I submitted to Surreal Magazine's upcoming anthology Shadowed Realms. Ah well. I bear no hard feelings. The story will go elsewhere.

An acceptance letter. SURPRISE! For the science fiction story "Heat, Pressure, and Oxygen" I submitted to a chapbook/anthology called When the World Runs Thin, which is slated to be published in February 2006 from Carnifex Press (preorders are not yet available, but I'll let you know when they are). That put a smile on my face.

Writing is one of the strangest jobs I've ever had. You don't know how good a job you've done until someone rejects or accepts your story, and for the most part this doesn't happen for weeks/months after you submit your work (and have since moved on to the next project).

So, what's up next for me? Well, that dark war story is due on the 10th. And then there's another Wee Small Hours. I've got a novel to rewrite, the brick to consider. I've got some comic books scripts to attempt, and a Call of Cthulhu Christmas adventure contest to enter. In short, a lot of writing projects. Some time in here, I have to sleep and do real work (you know, the stuff that keeps T and I insured) and have a touch of a life (whether it's Monday night movies or Saturday gaming -- SURPRISE: I'm running a Deadlands game which is going pretty great! -- or Wednesday night's Lost or Some-Other-Time's snuggling the Trista) and some how make time to go to Michigan for the Holidays.

Busy, busy, busy. All of this explains why I haven't been livejournaling of late. Too much other stuff going on. SURPRISE: I don't think I'd rather have it any other way.
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