October 25th, 2005

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Been Busy and Christmas Musings

So, I've been busy. I originally started working on a story for the Spicy Slipstream anthology, but I didn't make it. The story sprawled well beyond the boundaries I thought it would take up, and you know what? There's a good story in there. It was like pulling teeth to get to it, though... But I finished it.

And now, I'll need to pare it down, weed out the crap and find the interesting story hidden within the fat. Still waffling about whether or not I want to participate in NaNoWriMo -- I have too much writing work to do to sit down with yet another freaking thing... Other than the slipstream story, I've been working on a couple of things, including a treatment for a boylove manga book, a high fantasy Demon story, a dark themed War tale, revising a supernatural horror story to submit to the Surreal Magazine anthology, and a Sultry Christmas Shaded Yarn for Nancy Jackson (one of my favorite editors). Ah, Christmas.

So, now is the time for Trista and I to make a decision. Do we return to Michigan for X-mas? Do we not? Well, it looks like once more, we shall. Man, do I hate traveling during the holidays. But this is weighed against the wonder of seeing family, friends, White Castle, and the greatest used book store in my known world (that'd be Second Story Used Books in Eastpointe, Michigan). So, therefore, we go.

Not even Hallowe'en, and I'm thinking about X-mas... Crap, man.

My boss is leaving in less than three weeks to teach a class in the Carribean. After that, I won't see him again until the new year. Not sure how I feel about this, save for the simple fact that I'm looking forward to play music in lab, again.
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