October 11th, 2005

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A Weekend in Good Morning, Staying Silent, Cronenberg, Leaves Eyes, and the Luddite

Trista and I have returned. We went to Youngstown, Ohio over the weekend (did you know that Ohio sounds like the Japanese word for "Good Morning"?) for college buddy John's Wedding. The ceremony was an elaborate, Catholic thang complete with Mass and Communion and all that. Now the funny thing is this: John's not Catholic, he's Pagan. His lady Val is not Catholic, she's Pagan too. However, none of the Pagan or otherwise guests (all the college friends) could 'out' either John or Val to her parents. They did not know about her leanings, and if they found out, they would have pushed for the wedding to be anulled, would have gotten quite angry with Val (possibly resorting to some sort of 'intervention' to help her help herself into heaven) and all sorts of rot. It was a challenge, but we succeeded admirably. The problem as I see it (actually there are many, but this is the big one) is that the union is beginning with lies. Do the hubby and wife, who had a handfasting some time last year, really think that time will ease this news? I don't know. At least Trista's mother knew I was an atheist -- hated that fact and hated me, but she had no illusions. Am I still an atheist? Don't know. I don't believe anything in particular, but I remain open minded, and enjoy asking questions. I, unlike some folks on my friends list, do not see belief in deities as the be-all, end-all evil in the world (though organizations of belief can easily lead to corruption).

Well, the trip involved quite a bit of driving. Through a mix up of what airport to go to, we landed in Columbus (about a three hour drive to Youngstown). We probably should have gone for the Cleveland airport (only an hour's drive), but you live and you learn. We had a nice drive, however. The day before we flew out, I bought some CDs of old radio Mysteries, and we listened to some very fun plays and saw a swath of lovely midwestern landscape. No complaints (until the bleary eyed, midnight drive back to Columbus, after a day spent at Cedar Point Amusement Park, but that's another story). The trip was a wee bit cheaper than we'd originally thought it would be (checking out of hotels a day early and 'sleeping' in the airport can do that for you), and except for a few run arounds with a broken plane (that luckily failed before we were airborne), we survived the trip with plenty of stories.

Because we headed into Gary Braunbeck territory, I brought along my copy of Graveyard People to read, but I only got one story in, before Ramsey Campbell's The Overnight stole me away. I hope Mr. B doesn't mind too terribly. I will read him next.

So we've been to the flicks a few times.

Cronenberg's A History of Violence was exceptional. Gut wrenching and beautiful and terribly dark. I am ready to see it, again, though I couldn't last week as Jon was a little cash shy.

So, a friend of mine went to an advance screening of Serenity, in which a recorded message from Joss Whedon said, "If you like this movie, tell your friend. If you don't, then now is the time to keep your mouth shut." Alas, after consideration, I shall abide by his wishes and say nothing further.

Sunday was the final day of the Rock and Shock festival in Worcester, Massachusetts. I knew I was missing out on the writers and film personalities, but I did not want to miss one of the musical performances. Leaves Eyes was playing Worcester. Come hell or high water (or not enough sleep) I was going to see my favorite Norwegian Black Metal Band! So, Jon did the research and found out LE and their sister band Atrocity (the same band, with a switch of focus on lead singers) were slated to start at 7:20. We arranged to show up at 6:30. Good thing we did. We arrived to see the last half of Leaves Eyes set. Those songs (including "Solemn Sea" and "Elegy" from the sophomore Vinland Saga album) were beautifully delivered (Liv Kristine Espeneas Krull is every bit as amazing a vocalist live as she is recorded) but DAMMIT! Of course, this was the last North American show, too. They have since gone back across the pond. DAMMIT! The two bands following Leaves Eyes were awful, and the final act of the night, a Holland based death metal band called God Dethroned, was exceptional (their drummer is incredible); however, the two LE songs completely blew away the rest of the night.

As compensation for missing out, I suppose, after the Leaves Eyes set, I got a chance to walk up and meet the Krulls (Liv and her hubby Alex are the vocal stars), so, not to sound too terribly like a fan boy, Liv Kristine touched my hand! But seriously, I shook their hands, and told Mr. Krull that Leaves Eyes were the reason we'd come to the show, and complimented Liv on her singing voice. They both have lovely smiles and wonderful personalities. I have since decided to write them a letter, and after contacting Napalm Records (their label), I got an address to send it to.

After the show, Miles picked us up, and started driving before I was fully in the car, so my already scuffed combat boot skidded across the road, briefly. She was apologetic about this, but she was right about one thing: for a moment, I felt like I was in an action movie (or a David Morrell thriller). :)

So, discussion around the apartment last night turned to the comical notion that we are a household of Luddites. Not seriously, we don't travel after dark to destroy mill and factory machinery, but we don't cotton much to the tech. We've got household computers (three laptops for three people) DVD players and televisions (that we don't use much), but here's a list of the stuff we don't have:

no internet, if we want the internet we go to work/school/library/etc.
no cell phones (alright, Kat has a cell, but she doesn't really use it)
no TiVo
uber basic cable (that's the local stations, no Sci Fi channel, no USA, no HBO, etc.) and that's only because rabbit ears suck in these triple deckers

The goils knit, yes knit.
And we all prefer printed books.
Here's the kicker: I write in longhand. First drafts are all done in handwriting, and later transposed to a word processor program (for final submission), but I work best with a pen in my hand and a regular ruled page (or blank piece) to catch my scrawl.

We are so rebellious. Not really, we merely use the level of tech that serves us best.
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