October 4th, 2005

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Taking Care Of Buzzness

Well, there's quite a bit of updating I need to do.

Fiction is Now Available!

My short story, "You and Me and the Devil Makes Three", available in the Provocative Notes anthology edited by Nancy Jackson and released by Sultry Heat Press (an imprint of Coscom Entertainment) is now available through shops like Amazon:


Also, the e-book version of the September/October Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine (FMAM) is now available. The print version will be out at the end of October, or so. I flipped through my e-copy and discovered my story has a little illustration at the beginning, depicting my femme fatale's face beside an important set piece (literally a piece of landscape) from the tale. Man, did I grin! I love it!


Other biz:
I got another acceptance recently. Looks like my story, "Puss' Fortune" will be appearing in the Twisted Cat Tales anthology, edited by Esther Schrader. This one started out as a print on demand book from Cyberpulp Press, but has since shifted to become a pay upon publication anthology from Coscom Entertainment. Thus, it'll hopefully be available in places like amazon.com! Due out in February. I just read through this story again and, while it is a wee bit gruesome, it made me grin.

I also found out that Red Scream magazine are putting their covers on T-shirts. When the issue with my "Irregular Visit" comes out, I think I'll have to get a shirt. Probably won't be as cool as Jeff Strand's Andrew Mayhem polo shirts, but hey... :)

Well, it's official. I'm now a paying member of the HWA national org. Wee Small Hours got me in, under affiliate status. :)

Life, but not as we know it:
Forget Serenity, forget Harry Potter, I'm going to see Cronenberg tonight! A History of Violence is playing, and I am very excited!!!!!! Depending on how it is, I might go see it again, tomorrow, with the other half of the Worcester Massachusetts Monday Night Extreme Cinema Club (aka Jon).
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