September 16th, 2005

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Reading, Writing and 'rithmatic

Well, I'd love to say that the subject of this journal is a cunning clue that I am doing the things I love the most and getting paid for them. Alas, not quite so. :) Or at least, not to the point that I can quit my day jobs. :)

Anyway, it's been quite some time since I last updated. Just thought I'd drop a line to say what's what.

Well, the horror reader gig has been pretty good. It's been a slow start for me, but fun, nevertheless. I've got two reviews posted, and two more pending, with a third that'll hopefully enter the pending queue today. Yep, I've been a reading machine of late, and writing reviews of some of the books I've been finishing (only the horror related ones, you see, though if I was only reading horror, I'd probably go nuts). The other folks working Horror Reader are good folks, and their podcasts are pretty good -- interviews with writers like Elizabeth Massie and David Morrell, and a very fun net show called "Pod of Horror". So, what have I been reviewing? Edward Lee's Flesh Gothic and Jeff Strand's Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) are both posted. The next two, Richard Laymon's Into the Fire and Christa Faust's Dreamspawn are up next. Then, Morrell's latest novel Creepers. So far, so good.

What else have I been reading? Well, some older stuff. I finally read Asimov's Foundatin and Empire, and was less than receptive to it, until I realized that it is structured essentially like a Shakespearian History play. Then I found it delightfully interesting, though the characters are the novel's weakest element (no surprise there, this novel is from 1952, a period of sf where good ideas typically trumped good writing).

David Morrell's Covenent of the Flame was a fun thriller, involving politics, religious zealousness and environmentalism.

Currently, I am pushing through Charles Grant's 1992 horror novel, Something Stirs, and I'm finding it's not for me. Only halfway through, I want to stop and go read some Ramsey Campbell. :) Ah well.
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