September 6th, 2005

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Meet the New Assistant Editor

Well, I've been in contact with Johnathon Williams, Editor in Chief with the Horror Reader Website. Johnathon has kindly allowed me to join their website. I will review books and make blog entries on all things horror fiction. The site is still in its formative years (it began in August 2005), and my first review is up: for Edward Lee's Flesh Gothic. So, I visited the site, checked the Staff and Contributors page and lo and behold, I bear the title Assistant Editor. :) I'm the newbie on the block with such established personalities as Steve Vernon, Lou Sytsma, and Mark Justice. I'll try not to embarass myself, but I won't pull any punches.

So writing has been a slow going process of late. Hard to get into it, hard to stick in there. I've been editing a bit (both mine and a story Trista wrote for a shared world anthology), but new fiction has not really been flowing. I really need to get back on the horse, and yesterday was a good start. I had some good writing time.

Last night, the Worcester Mass Monday Night Extreme Cinema Club (that sounds much better than "Jon and I") watched the Korean thriller Oldboy. If you are not aware of Oldboy, you are sorely missing out. Not just one of the best thriller films I've seen, this was an excellent film. Moving and tragic, exciting and a total mind altering experience. It is not for the faint of heart, and it delves into darkness without flinching. All the while, it is gorgeously filmed. The premise is simple: while on the way home for his daughter's third birthday, a man is kidnapped and held in prison. He is never told why. After fifteen years, he is released. The movie transcends the simple revenge formula it might have fallen into, and becomes something truly memorable. A perfect movie. See it. Chan-wook Park is a director to watch (be sure to catch his segment in the anthology film Three: Extremes, as well, if Lions Gate ever releases the movie domestically).
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