August 4th, 2005

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Rockin' Out

If anyone is curious, my Rockin' horror story, "R 'n R Will Never D" is NOW AVAILABLE at The Dream People! It's a free ezine, you don't have to buy anything to read it. Go and enjoy.


So, after finishing The Fifth Profession, what do I decide to read? Well, I zapped through Holly Black's Tithe. Quite interesting, though the pacing near the middle did not go as quickly as I might have liked, ah but it heightens the suspense! The characters were delightful, however. If you're looking for a fun, dark, teens and faeries story, give Tithe a go. Supposedly, it is a YA novel, but to folks who are aware of good writing, that label means nothing.

Since it was still not my bedtime, I then decided to give Gary Braunbeck's In The Midnight Museum a go. As of this morning, I'm not quite done with it, still have another chapter or so to go. Not as chokehold engaging as Morrel's novel, not as quick 'n dirty as Black's novel (that volume's scenes in the Unseelie Court were quite wonderful), this book is engaging on a different level, though I find I have to pause constantly to argue the book's philosophical points. That's good, though. As Kafka said, we should read the books that bite and sting us. Books that engage our minds in a discussion are rare and should be treasured. Books that do so, with the narrative power of a masterful writer are rarer still. I look forward to further engaging this very short novel (more of a novella, actually) this evening. The story, thus far, involves a desperate man, who has recently lost his parents, bolluxing a suicide attempt and ending up in a short term care psychiatric hospital. So far, the themes of the piece are nothing less than the purpose of art and the meaning of life.
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