August 3rd, 2005

there!, Hello

This is your life This is your life This is your life And it's ending one minute at a time

So, I got home from work dog tired, yesterday, and vegged with a lousy Skinemax flick (Morgana starring Julie Strain, which I got from Netflix. Even worse that I remember, but I have fond memory associations with that wank flick), before picking up David Morrell's novel. Thus I was up way too late last night finishing it. In a word, exciting. In anther word, excellent. In a final comment, I will have to read many more of his books. Next up on the queue, however, is Tithe by Holly Black. So far, so delightful.

Is it only Wednesday? My week has been screwed up royally. Feels like Friday (in which case I should be in Boston with Boss #4, but hey). I blame Trista for messing with my week sense (not really, but she seems like a fine target).

Since she's been going to Boston for her Protein Society Meeting (is it just me, or does that sound exceptionally dirty?) I've been getting up much too early to drive her to school to get her on her way. Mix this with the fact that I came to work at 9, Sunday morning, and you get a highly confused state of Whatdayisit,again? I feel like the nameless narrator from Fight Club, everything feels like a copy of a copy of a copy.

Well, the week's experiments have been less than stellar. Furry mouse skin really wicks water at an amazing rate, and become useless before too long. Soon, all the hairs are clotted together into a glommed mess and there's no distinguishing which ones are actuating the rapidly adapting neurons... Headache city. tomorrow I get to deal with some LabView instruction, as I catch the new kids in Boss #2's lab up to date on the program I've been developing.

Don't know if I mentioned it, but I am now officially working less time for Boss #2. The split between him and Boss #1 is back to 80% Boss 1, 20% Boss 2. Thus, Numba 2 only gets me for one day a week. Now that Pete (Boss #1) has received a good score for his grant, we'll be getting a stress relieving cash flow, come this fall, thus ending the need for me to work for these two bosses. Does this mean that bosses 3 and 4 (my extra consulting work) will move up the ladder to become the NEW bosses 2 and 3? Nope. :) Sorry if I just confused the hell out of anyone. Have I mentioned that my brain is pretty soupy of late?

Need to go wake up, now. Get busy living, as it were.
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