August 2nd, 2005

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Florida and The Fifth Profession

I came into great news this morning. My 4600 word horror story "Weathering the Storms" has been accepted for Florida Horror: Dark Tales from the Sunshine State from Carnifex Press. I was actually worried this wasn't horror-ble enough...

David Morrell is a really good writer. Exceptional. I read First Blood many moons ago, and it was great. Now, I'm reading The Fifth Profession. No. Actually, now I am possessed by The Fifth Profession. A lightning speed read. I will undoubtedly finish it tonight because I seem unable to do anything but read that sucker. Now, I started it yesterday morning. Excellently accomplished action, suspense and a huge mindbender of a twist, and I'm only 3/4 of the way through this 500 page white-knuckler. I was a bit worried at the opening chapters, which read like a more or less typical actioner/thriller. Then, everything went south and cliche was left in the dust. I'll let you know if the ending lives up to the rest of the book.
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