August 1st, 2005

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FMAM Update and More!

Well, I got an email not too long ago that my story, Uno Dinero will be in the September/October issue of FMAM. With all luck, a print edition will be released after the pdf one. ::keeping my fingers crossed:: They did so with the last one, maybe the trend will continue! :)

Big sorry to everyone who's tried to hang out with me over the last week or so. I've been hard at the writing thang, and this weekend I successfully sent out three stories (two by snail, one by email). I have humorous fantasy ("What is Best in Life?" sent to the Bash Down the Door & Slice Up The Bad Guy anthology), a darkly human horror story (ParIcons of Faith" sent to Thou Shalt Not anthology), and a surreal early-Lansdale style short-short ("Big Night for Daddy's Little Girl" sent to Wee Small Hours).

Not sure what to tackle next.

What have I read of late?

House of Blood by Bryan Smith may very well be the best B-movie never filmed... It begins with a carload of stressed out 'kids' returning from a cut short Florida vacation. They take a wrong turn and end up in horror land... Well, the opening sounds cliche, but the novel knows its genre. It turns several cliches on their ear and builds into an intense, riveting read. Fast paced, brutal, and utterly delightful (so long as your sense of delightful can contain BDSM imagery and Hell on Earth). Recommended.

By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey. Trista surprised me when she recommended Oathbreakers. I rather enjoyed that one. This novel is also quite enjoyable. A little on the cheesy romantic side at points. And I still don't like telepathic horses, but what can you do? A novel about a woman who refuses to cowtow to society's values and goes her own path (ending up as a soldier for hire). Quite moving, at times. Quite fun, at others. Recommended.

Currently reading The Fifth Profession by David Morrell.
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